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House Extensions & Conversions, Joinery & General Builders based in Glasgow

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Xtend Builders are specialist's in house extensions and house conversions. Based in Glasgow, Central Scotland, Xtend builders have been helping customers convert their dream home extensions to reality for over 10 years. Our excellent house extension service is backed up by hundreds of satisfied customers (References are available).

Xtend builders also offer, house conversions, garage conversions, general joinery services, kitchen conversions, fitted kitchens, bathroom renovations and general builder services in Glasgow and the Central Belt of Scotland.

Xtend Builders offer the complete home extension service. Converting your dream into reality. We will work closely with you at every stage, and we offer full architectural design, specification, procurement, planning and construction work, with the minimum disruption and at the best possible value for money.

Many people put of extensions because they do not know what the first stage is. Frequently asked questions tend to be:

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Xtend Builders answer all of these questions on your behalf. Xtend Builders work closely with companies that can apply for planning permission on your behalf, get architects involved, complete building application work, provide you with a full cost and project plan in writing and help you with all your questions that naturally you will want to know before you proceed.

Trust Xtend Builders - House Extension Specialists.